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TONIEMEHEL.COM is a bible-teaching ministry dedicated to helping others become their strongest, best selves.  God uses Toni to give voice to His word in a way that connects the transforming power of Jesus Christ to the everyday life of those who seek him.  Toni has been prepared all the days of her life for the effective teaching of God’s holy word.  From being birthed into a family of church leaders to growing in the wisdom and knowledge of God's word under the tutelage of gifted pastors and professors to having served over 18 years in the local church, Toni personifies the voice of heaven touching earth.  


Leadership Development Coach

Known for her contagious enthusiasm and encouragement, Toni Emehel is a distinguished bible strategist, who lives a dedicated life of teaching others how to apply God's unadulterated word to their personal, business and social existence.  With a heart to see people live an authentic life of happiness, Toni shares biblical principles on how to achieve fulfillment through a life of purpose filled with joy, peace  and contentment.


Author and 21st Century Maven

Since 1998 Toni has been a teaching voice of distinction in the church, the community and marketplace.  Today, you can find her biblical teachings in digital, written and audio formats on networks such as Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, iTunes, iHeart Radio, SoundCloud.com, TuneIn, Audible, Vimeo, Youtube and Amazon Alexa.  Toni finds comfort in leading through her life and doing what comes natural as an anointed woman of influence.  Toni and husband Johneric Emehel provide a broad spectrum of project management and consultancy services to church and business leaders across the country.  The two enjoy the virtues of working together, playing together and parenting three high spirited daughters and grandparenting two handsome grandsons and one amazing granddaughter. 

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