Bible Studies for Individuals and Small Groups


Marriage Bible Study Series by Toni Emehel

"When the Vow Breaks" is an enlightening and life-changing study for married couples.


Wilderness Women Bible Study Series by Toni Emehel

Our "Wilderness Women" bible study is for women of all ages and stage of life. 

Dating and Relationships

Dating and Relationships Bible Study by Toni Emehel

Join Toni Emehel in an raw evaluation of 21st century dating and relationships.

Married Women's Group Study

Maven Bible Study with Toni Emehel

"Maven" is a fresh look at interpersonal growth to strengthen marriages at the core.

Value and Self Worth

Lord and Tailor Bible Study Series by Toni Emehel

"Lord and Tailor" is a journey of becoming, defying negative influences and winning! 

Family Bible Study


What every man, woman, boy and girl need to know about the expectation of family.

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