Toni would love to be a part of your upcoming event!

Training and Conferences



Toni desires to encourage and equip you with biblical truth, and empower you to do the same for others as well. And while God’s plan for our lives can sometimes be unclear, Toni wants to be there to help you along the way.  As a gifted bible teacher and speaker, Toni is available for special events, conferences, and training programs to prepare and encourage you in your own ministry.  

Wilderness Women Conclave


Wilderness Women Conclave is a celebration of every women's courage, tenacity and perseverance to be the unique woman God created her to be.  For women looking to receive deliverance, breakthrough through an authentic encounter with God the Wilderness Women Conclave is one of the nation’s most sought after women’s conferences.

Leadership Development and Executive Coaching


Toni's TrueNorth Program provides practical, strategic solutions that are designed to assist churches in fulfilling their God-given mission.  Toni and her  team of seasoned professionals will assist and facilitate the process of assessing, evaluating and empowering you (ministry leader or business leader) to make strategic decisions that will ultimately take the next steps required to move forward.